So here goes…

…my very first post on my new blog. Please bear with me as this will be very much a work in progress until I find my feet in this blogosphere. For an idea as to where this blog will be headed, please do read my “About” section. For now this is just an introduction until I have a little more time…

I am a thirty-something mum juggling the varied demands of my own business (I work freelance from home), two wonderful (spirited) children, my long-suffering partner, two cats and a house that has a mind of its own…

In amongst the chaos that is my day-to-day life I try to set a “green” example and live as environmentally-aware and lead as healthy a life as is practical and affordable (or at least be aware of eco-friendly and healthy choices!). I’m certainly not infallible on this front (and I am still learning new things every day) but all things “green” and health-related genuinely interest me and this is what I am ultimately aiming towards.

I hope to use this blog to share the information I come across on my journey…. 

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