Why rain is a good thing. Honest!

Okay, so by lunchtime today I’d had conversations with 3 different people about how much they dislike the rain: my partner, a lady at the hospital and the Sainsbury’s delivery driver…so I’m thinking to myself, instead of wasting all this energy grumbling about it, let’s shift perspective and embrace it!! Yes, really :-) The reality is, if you live in the UK it’s an unavoidable reality of day-to-day life. I personally have three different umbrellas, the kids have one each and there’s another one in the garage. So six umbrellas between a family of four is a sure indication that this is a rainy place (and that’s not even starting with the number of wellies we own!!) I am thus making it my personal mission to show you why rain is a good thing and why we should try and learn to love it but most importantly not to let its presence affect our mood…..

Okay, so here goes:

My reasons to love the rain

(aka – a lesson in seeing the glass as half full – rather than half empty – please feel free to add any more you can think of!)

1) It saves us a trip to the car wash – I am living proof of this having only taken my car to be cleaned once in the past year just before its MOT last month! (Today’s rain will no doubt wash away the imprint of my cats’ muddy paws from the front of my car…).

2) It waters our plants and trees and most importantly farmers’ crops, etc. and is thus life-giving.

3) It keeps our lawns looking nice and green (or in my case the parts of the lawn that have grass on it!!).

4) It cools down the Earth, thus lowering the temperature (which is a good thing on an environmental level!).

5) It’s the perfect excuse for digging out our ‘oh-too-brightly coloured’ wellies.

6) You get to showcase your new umbrella – for me this is my new clear dome-shaped brolly as inspired by my good friend Mary :-).

7) It gives us puddles to jump in and a welcome excuse to be child-like – or  if we can’t bear to get wet/muddy at least the kids can enjoy a good splashabout.

8) It means we don’t have to make an excuse not to go out at the weekend if all we feel like doing is pottering about indoors.

9) Rainy days are great for going to the cinema or taking the kids to a museum or such-like.

10) It makes you really appreciate the sunshine when it finally arrives, thus inspiring you to get out and about and make the most of it.

11) It flushes the ground of accumulated toxins and waste.

12) Less risk of skin cancer.

13) It can be therapeutic to watch the rain trickling down the window or listen to the gentle pitter patter of raindrops (there’s a song in there somewhere ;-)) – although this obviously only applies if you are nice and warm inside somewhere.

14) We get to dress our children up in those super cute all-in-one outfits when they’re little or funky wellies and rain-macs when they’re older which makes for fab photo opportunities and thus memories.

15) We are grateful for it when there is a water shortage as rainfall refills our reservoirs which means we can use our hosepipes and sprinklers – hurrah.

16) Rainbows!! (okay you need the sun for this too- but without the rain…no rainbows…)

I hope you can find at least a couple of things from my list which resonate with you….I know it’s not always possible to feel positive about the rain and I’m sure there’s an even longer list as to why people dislike it BUT seeing as it’s here to stay let’s learn to love it…if only a little…sometimes….maybe….

14 thoughts on “Why rain is a good thing. Honest!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree. I love love love the sun! Unfortunately we don’t get enough of it here so we have to learn to love the rain too ;-) (…while waiting for the sun to reappear!)

  1. Err, sorry, I won’t be able to help you on that one…This is the No1 reason why I am glad I no longer live in the UK ;).
    The forecast is for 30°C here today, bright sunshine, big snowmelt…
    PS. How was your run?

  2. Come on Lady E- you gotta work with me here :-) Actually my daughter is so fed up of the rain that she wants us to move to Lanzarote (where I had once suggested relocating!)..she has the “loft” room and can’t stand the sound of the rain on the window at night…I made her read my post but even she wasn’t convinced…I like the sound of the rain on the window- it’s comforting somehow ‘cos u know ur indoors and warm. I said to her- the rain makes plants grow, gives us food to eat- she said “they don’t have hardly any rain in Lanzarote and they still have food” :-) There’s no convincing some people. I shall look fwd to the sun when it arrives but in the meantime I shall continue to look for the positives :-) Run was good- haven’t been for couple weeks so it was a slog- but felt great I made it! Getting trainers on is the hardest part xx

    1. Ok, I also really like the sound of the rain falling on skylights. There’s something really soothing about it. But I’m with your daughter there, Lanzarote sounds better than England! Good on you for running…:)
      PS. 32°C today…

  3. That’s super hot! Lovely…As for my run I think I pulled sth running yday…hobbling a bit today…will have day off today and get to a class tomorrow instead…

  4. I totally agree with number 8. As a real ‘homebird’ I love love love rainy Sundays, the perfect excuse to stay in. Generally I find listening to the rain falling outside is very soothing.

    1. Lovely! That’s what I’m talking about…looking at the positive side of the rain…when we have a sunny spell here (rare but it happens!) our house falls apart as never in long enough to sort it out…we need the rain for balance xx

  5. Nice post :) I love to watch the rain from inside, but always hate going out in the rain. This is a great set of reminders to appreciate the rain instead of complain about it (which I tend to do sometimes).

    1. Hi, I only just saw your comment – apologies for the extreme delay in replying!! Sometimes it’s difficult not to complain about the rain especially when it’s relentless, but as long as one is aware of all the good it does too :-) We’ve been quite lucky this summer I think- September already and 3 beautiful sunny days in a row (in UK). Got to count our blessings xx

  6. Rain <3 listen to the sound of rain
    The cold raining water splashed, bites my tongue
    The time is right I could never complain !! I'm one of them somalia pple my age 22 yrs I live south africa most of time is rain and I like rain coz my mom alweys tellng whn I ws little boy ' mom ' rain is love thng cme 4rm Allah' if u like some 1 tell him whn is rain he wn't refuse any thng '

  7. Here in Weston we get tons of rain but I HATE the sun. The snow and cold is better. When you go out and it’s raining, it’s nice to imagine and think to yourself, since there’s never usually anyone about, you can be yourself without having to worry about anyone seeing you. And I wish it snowed it Weston :(

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