Words of inspiration

Just a quick post today…I came across the following quote earlier and HAD to share it:

I wasn’t able to find out who originally “said” this but I don’t suppose it matters- the message is the important thing. It might read as a really simple, obvious quote to some people but for those of us who like to overcomplicate things by overthinking every situation (clearly referring to myself here!) then this quote will really resonate!

I don’t think I need to go into any personal details as the message will hold different meaning for each of you and will reach those of you to whom it is intended but for me I think I might need this tattooed on my forearm ;-) to remind me of how simple it really is to stop procrastinating and make a change…

8 thoughts on “Words of inspiration

  1. Thanks for posting this quote. I think it is a simple formula but so hard to follow through on. The amount of energy it would take to actually interrupt your habitual living and try to incorporate something new is quite exhausting. I have always aspired to be a writer. I have even written a book (but did not market it ). It was so hard for me to get myself into the mode of writing, my habitual self wanted to follow the same old routine that wasn’t leading me to becoming the person I desire to be. Yet you feel this heavy load on your back because you are going against your own desire to be something you have never been before. This quote gave me a little more hope! Thanks again!!!

    1. Even from your comment I can see you express yourself beautifully and have put into words exactly how I have experienced trying to make a change and finding it so tough as it’s going ‘against my own desire’. I wish you luck on your journey and lots of willpower/courage too :-) xxx

  2. Ahh i love this quote! Glad I stumbled on it today. It reminds me of another one (author also unknown) “Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.” So motivating. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. These kinds of quotes just present to us in a concise fashion what deep down we already know – sometimes the simplicity of the way they are phrased is what reaches us…I keep re-reading this quote to remind myself because it really applies in my life!

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