Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Just a quick post for today – came across this amazing quote that a friend of mine had put onto her Facebook page and it rang so true with me that I just had to share it with you:

 Everything is a matter of perspective in life isn’t it? How we choose (for it is always a choice) to perceive or react to any given situation then leads to the (self-induced) creation of either negative or positive emotion within us. I haven’t actually read any of Richard Carlson’s books but I own and have read enough self-help books to know the basic drill! I love the simplicity of this quote- essentially if it’s not genuinely a big deal, take a deep breath, let it go and move on to more positive pastures. In my case I would say this would apply to situations where someone might have done something to annoy me and I can’t let it go, or something unpleasant happened in my day and I cling onto the negativity but only to my own detriment…I’m no expert at “not sweating the small stuff” as I have a tendency to cling on to the negative emotions until they fade naturally – but I’ll try and remember this quote next time something that is ultimately trivial is bugging me. Life’s just too short isn’t it to waste any precious time on things that simply don’t matter in the long run….

10 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

  1. Its so true, its so important to let go. I find that from experience, someone might give you a negative comment, or say something we don’t like; but we tend to punish ourselves by repeating in our mind whats being said many many more times!! Instead of letting it go – ignore it !!!

    1. You’re welcome! I find with these quotes you need them permanently tattooed somewhere so as to always remember! I have put this on my iphone background so whenever I switch my phone on it’s there- reminding me….

  2. So very true!! To be honest most of the stuff which stresses me out wouldn’t even matter tomorrow, let alone in a year. Washing up in the sink, someone cutting me up on the road, people not queuing properly at the supermarket (you know, I live in France this happens a lot), colleagues at work, teenagers on the bus… endless tiny stresses – I *try* hard to let it go :0)

    1. Tough to change the way we have reacted to certain situations for our whole lifetime though isn’t it! I try hard to let things go like you do- I find taking a nice deep breath can sometimes help and within that breath I am now trying to remember the above quote…doesn’t always work but even if it helps sometimes it’s a step in the right direction ;-)

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