Sun, sea, sand and … yoga!

I have just returned from a beautifully relaxing two weeks in Lanzarote, one of my favourite places in the world.

This was truly a treat on so many levels and I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity, not to mention it coming at the perfect time when daily life with its myriad of expectations and commitments had become so exhausting that I was literally about to explode….

Holidays these days no longer hold the “party” connotation that they used to have just over a decade ago but are rather a time for pure indulgent relaxation, a chance to press the pause button on everyday life and slow the pace right down with some quality family time thrown in for good measure.

What I particuarly enjoyed was having a completely empty “to do” list and waking up each morning having only to think about that particular day.  Really having the chance to live in the “now” and focussing on the given moment. Since being back home it’s back to having something planned everyday, whether it’s work, needing to take the children here or there, meeting up with family or friends, there is always something that “has” to be done. This is why it is so important to take a break sometimes, to have a change of scene and time out from our otherwise busy schedules.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to incorporate a daily yoga practice which was an absolute dream and I found myself waking up in the middle of the night excited about getting up for the next morning’s practice – and I LOVE my sleep so this was quite a new sensation!  I arrived in Lanzarote with a crippling back ache and with each yoga session this started easing off and I could feel the tensions drifting away. I would get up in the morning, open the patio doors, let the soft breeze and the sun in and prepare my yoga mat and have some “me” time. Okay so it wasn’t totally calm- usually the kids would be there in the background fighting over the Nintendo DS or my son would be joining in a little with some of the yoga balances (at which he is expert!) and we all enjoyed attempting the handstands and headstands :-) But it was a really lovely part of the holiday to have that indulgent time.

There were also other challenges while we were away- firstly, to remain “green”. We managed to find the local recycling facilities so were able to keep up with recycling paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc. which was great and also we were re-using our bags and egg boxes at the local supermarket which was described on a travel site as “the smallest supermarket on the island” and that it was, BUT amazingly it still had soya milk and lentils and brown rice so it really was catering for a cross section even though it really was tiny.

I also found it a challenge being on a vegetarian diet. I’ve been vegetarian for a couple of months now and they didn’t cater for vegetarians at all- not in the way restaurants do here. In the local restaurants the Spanish tortilla and the four-cheese pizza were the best vegetarian offering so it did get a bit repetitive, however, we cooked a lot at home and I had come prepared so we coped. It would have been tough being vegan out there though and I have to say I was sick of eggs and cheese when I came home and in fact, I haven’t had an egg since!

All in all it was a much needed, much enjoyed family holiday and I am so grateful to have had the time out and also to have been challenged a little on staying “green” in a new environment. Now, of course, it’s full swing into the school holidays and THAT has challenges enough in itself- as all the mums among you will well know! Have fun guys!!

4 thoughts on “Sun, sea, sand and … yoga!

  1. So once again, despite my being in Virginia and you being in the UK, we have more overlap in our life experiences. We went to Lanzarote several years ago (we were living in Germany at the time), not a common destination for Americans. Paradise! My son, who was probably 8 or 9 at the time, heard a friend of mine talking about it and said he wanted to go there. I was worried because there wasn’t enough “to do”. This was probably 6 years ago, before I awakened to the importance of living in the moment. I was addicted to travel and crammed as much as possible into each trip. I was worried that the island of Lanzarote wouldn’t offer enough “learning opportunities” for the kids, wouldn’t have enough “to see”. I thought I would be terribly bored at our resort for 8 days. In the end, it was exactly what we needed. By not being over-stimulated, we were able to clear our heads, appreciate the beauty in a warm breeze, and wonder at the forces that created that volcanic landscape. Last summer we had a similar experience on Zanzibar, including some yoga there!

    1. We love Lanzarote – this year was actually our third year in a row of going. When I say relaxing- for me this is purely not having an “agenda” – no plans. In everyday life – as I’m sure is the exact same for you – every day seems to be mapped out, especially during the school semesters. On holiday you wake up each day and decide what to do there and then. We are not sun worshippers at all so there were no loungy beach days instead- like you described we like to get out and explore and we have managed to find enough to do on Lanzarote for 3 summers- it is v surprising. Out of all the Canary islands Lanzarote is the one with the most culture and history (surprisingly) and that’s why we love it. I thought this year as we’d been twice before that we might get a bit fed up but not at all- we hardly repeated anything we’d done before. We rented a villa right by Famara beach north of the island which was a different experience for us as the previous 2 times we stayed south of the island in Playa Blanca. My partner loves to kitesurf and Lanzarote offers a lot of opportunity for water sports. Sometimes it’s just knowing where to look when it comes to these small islands ;-) I’m glad you had a positive experience there xx

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