Deer in headlights!

Today has been one of those days when you just feel like a deer in headlights! I woke up with a huge long mental list of what needed to be done with my Sunday and have ended up not doing any of it! I kind of went into shutdown mode shortly after breakfast and I wasn’t sure why…

This happens to me every so often…I have so much to do that I go into shutdown and literally cannot do anything. Sometimes I try to find a reason for it and I think this is always a mistake because then you start ‘inventing’ reasons for your odd behaviour…”oh I’m feeling depressed, I’m under the weather, it’s my hormones, etc. etc.” when really I think it’s simply down to the fact that sometimes we/our bodies/our minds just need a break.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to make each day productive and ‘count’ that we chastise ourselves for taking a day off. I vaguely remember the “duvet days” of my youth when me and my friends would just chill, eat junk, watch TV with no agenda, no commitments, nothing that needed doing. Alas, these blissful days of “nothingness” are virtually a thing of the past since ‘growing up’ and having children (not that it’s their fault of course!) but maybe I need to start scheduling them back in! ;-)

As it is fast approaching the end of  the school holidays and life is about to get a whole lot busier again, I guess that could be part of it too. My sub-conscious protesting and willing me to relax…and today I obliged :-D In fact, I just went back to bed for a couple of hours and laid there indulgently relaxing. My other half took the kids to the park (and I felt a little guilty at my laziness) but then he didn’t seem to mind, the kids had fun and I just chilled…

So despite the niggling feeling at having wasted a day, is taking a day off to relax really a waste? Let’s just say I let my batteries recharge and will be ready to face the world and my long to-do list again tomorrow….

5 thoughts on “Deer in headlights!

  1. Oh how I can identify to this post ! And I think you’re absolutely right, sometimes our subconscious just takes over and says “no more”…
    Good luck with the whole back to school grind starting and your never-ending to-do list. I am dreading getting back into the mad routine, but that’s just the way it is xx (special kiss to Z for his first day at school !… And to you for letting go ;) )

    1. I’m so pleased to hear it’s not just me! I felt totally frozen/paralysed even to do anything. I knew I had soooo much to do but NO part of me could be coerced into doing anything. As it was it was great just to do nothing as I was convincing myself there must be sth “up” when I knew deep down there wasn’t and that it was just one of those days…I felt much better after staying horizontal for a while ;-) Thanks for the gd wishes for Z – I’m not entirely sure he knows what’s coming but he loved the settling in sessions and they are only 3-hour days to start with. I’m ok – I think – mixed emotions but mostly he needs some time with his peers now…he has so much energy that even a few days home with me I can see he needs more distraction!! xx

      1. It’s definitely not just you. I find that the more tired I get, the slower I become at doing things, even though it would be more effective to them quickly. Which is frustrating, but can’t be helped. And when it reaches a certain point of fatigue, my sub-conscious just stalls until I give myself time to recharge.
        Sounds like Z is ready for school then ! Hopefully, it’ll tire him out a bit and he won’t be bouncing off the walls so much at home ?

    1. I think we are just so used to filling our days from start to finish that you almost need to ‘learn’ to relax sometimes and that it’s okay sometimes to do nothing. Back to busy busy this morning :-)

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