Out of the mouths of babes…

My 9 year old daughter is very special. I know we all think this about our children but she really is.

I am clearly not very successful at concealing the moments I find more ‘stressful’ in my life and she is picking up on it. I try really hard to keep my emotions on an even keel and some weeks I am more successful than others. I am a real mixed bag – on the one hand I spend a lot of time exploring everything that will help me find inner peace and a stillness in my life but on the other I am a crazy busy working mum juggling everything that life throws at me and then some. So in spite of the calm that I gain from yoga and now my first forays into meditation, there are always days when I cope better with the pressures of everyday life than others. I am sorry that she sees this fluctuation of emotions especially as she really is devoted to me and I am thus a big influence on her. I hope that she sees the two sides of me and not just the stressful mum side.

I just wanted to share with you a poem she wrote for me this evening after we had a little falling out. She is wise beyond her years which is both a blessing but also weighs heavy on her at times. Nonetheless, I am so very proud of her:

6 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of babes…

    1. Thank you. I was shocked too and felt guilty for exposing her to such adult thoughts! But at least she has a good head on her shoulders – I just need to be a little more mindful of projecting my more negative moments – not really fair on her…

  1. Your daughter is definitely exceptional. She is beautiful, radiates joy, yet she is sensitive and clever… She takes after you !
    And don’t worry about her picking up on your stress, firstly it lets her know that it’s ok to feel fretful sometimes, and secondly, what matters most is that she sees you always trying to be the better part of yourself, aiming to be calmer for example, and being pro-active about it. I think that’s the greatest lesson you can teach her : We are all imperfect and fallible, but we try our best to do better. xx

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment Lady E – I wish that I did radiate joy- that would be such a beautiful thing to be able to do! I’ve been a real stress-head the last few weeks over things to do with my son and school and this has affected my mood generally and so unfortunately my daughter has seen this- but you’re right she also sees me trying to better myself and that’s important too. I really appreciate your kind words xx

  2. Wonderful, beautiful, and definitely a sign that you are doing something right with that child. Plus, her penmanship is better than mine! Please shed the guilty thoughts about exposing her to the reality of life. She is already better prepared than many adults I know. She has figured out that we have a choice regarding our happiness levels. She is preaching (and hopefully practicing) the art of acceptance and surrender. Go Emily!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Martha. It has been one of those weeks and I really appreciate your words. Being a parent is such a responsibility – unfortunately I still haven’t quite found my way – despite almost 4 decades on earth!! and it would be terrible for my daughter to pick up on all my hangups and make them her own :-( I feel like we all need a break – it has been a particularly intense half term and we are all feeling it. She is a good girl and hopefully she picks up on the good stuff I practice too xx

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