Mine’s a Cup of Bliss please…


bliss [blɪs]
1. Extreme happiness; ecstasy.
2. The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy.

Phrasal Verb:

bliss out Slang: To go into a state of ecstasy.

I realised something important today. I have been feeling really frustrated of late. The more yoga and meditation I have been practising, the more frustrated I have felt at not being able to bring the wonderful blissful feeling I gain during a class into my everyday life.
Every Monday morning I go to a wonderful yoga class. Even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE this class, I still have to give myself a mental push in order to get there- just because it’s Monday morning. But I DO get there because I know how amazingly blissful this class makes me feel. Take today for instance, just the act of rolling out my yoga mat made me happy, I felt blissful coming out of standing forward bends, blissful in shoulderstand, blissful in savasana at the end, you get the picture. But what often happens is that despite positively floating out of class, it’s not long before the reality of everyday life kicks back in- it could be anything from a tight work deadline, a messy kitchen or the kids fighting. Everyday life is hectic and clearly in total contrast to a relaxing yoga class. I have perhaps been unrealistically wanting to be the calm, serene person I am when I’m doing yoga during my everyday life too and as my more “stressful” side has still been rearing it’s ugly head at times and overreacting in some situations, this has been making me feel frustrated.
I spoke to my yoga teacher about this after class last week just to see whether this zen-like approach to life that I am aspiring to is actually achievable and she said that since practising yoga and being a teacher she has definitely found she manages to remain calmer in everyday life and that you are able to tap into the “calm, serene” person within more readily.

However, I realised something today. After a particularly blissful yoga class this morning, I popped to the supermarket to pick up some lunch and bumped into a good friend of mine. Unfortunately this good friend has been having a very rough time dealing with cancer. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and life has dealt her some really rough cards lately. In addition to her own health concerns and just the nature of being a busy mum, she also has to deal with countless family-related stresses all of which weigh very heavily upon her. I suggested she should join me in my yoga class or start practising a little meditation at home as this has helped my father greatly in his own journey with cancer. 

I don’t know whether she will manage to incorporate any yoga or meditation into her life but I KNOW it would do her the world of good. And what I realised while we were talking was that it is enough for now to have even a LITTLE BLISS in your life. That even 10 minutes of bliss each day – in whatever form you can find it – will add up to make a big difference. I realised that I am privileged to have found a way to feel blissful every day even if this feeling doesn’t last the whole day. I still know how to achieve it, I know that bliss is never far from my reach and the more I practice yoga and make time for meditation, the more bliss I will have in my life which will have a positive impact on all those around me and on my approach to life in general. And hopefully, one day, I will reach my ultimate goal of ’round the clock bliss. Sigh….Now wouldn’t that be just…..well, blissful :-)

4 thoughts on “Mine’s a Cup of Bliss please…

  1. Know the feeling too well. All good things take time! :-) Nodding all through the post. It helped me a lot, when I read that even Dalai Lama has his moments of small frustrations. ;P I figured, if he gets frustrated and looses the bliss, then why the heck am I so hard on myself?!

    1. Yes, you’re right. I think I was feeling impatient for a miracle to happen and to have a perspective overhaul overnight! But I’ve realised as long as I’m heading in the right direction that’s the best place to be :-)

  2. I can really relate to this post! (Coincidentally, my last post was also about the bliss-inducing nature of my cardio dance class.) Meditating every morning over a few months now has really made a difference for me, but, especially as a parent, I think, it’s unrealistic to expect complete non-reactivity in every stressful situation. What you can be sure of is that if you weren’t doing the yoga and meditation, your stress and frustration levels would be much higher. No question about it. Think of the stressful situations as opportunities to practice breathing through the stress. Be grateful that you are conscious enough to recognize what’s happening. As soon as you notice your reaction, you are brought back to mindfulness. And whenever you get that tight feeling in your stomach (that’s how stress manifests for me), ask yourself, “How important is this in greater scheme of things? What is the lesson here?” And forgive, forgive, forgive yourself. You are still way ahead of the game!

    1. Thank you so much Martha for your wonderful comment! My “stress” used to manifest itself as a “stress chest” as I would endearingly term it! It doesn’t arise so often these days and like you said if I wasn’t practising yoga as regularly I would feel it more for sure!! I haven’t had a chance to read your post about your cardio class yet but interestingly enough I went to an aerobics class and Zumba class almost 2 hours back to back last Saturday and I hadn’t been to these classes for ages and I felt AMAZING afterwards- I was on a serious adrenalin high for hours- so I can well imagine you must have been feeling the same thing. It is wonderful to know we can so readily tap into this amazing feeling – whether its yoga or cardio- it is a real privilege to know how to experience this bliss xxx

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