What’s your vice?

In case you didn’t realise it’s the start of Lent tomorrow- Ash Wednesday – which of course means it’s Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) today, and we know what that means….PANCAKES!! Yum!!

I can’t claim to know all the exact ins and outs of the religious associations with Easter but I know enough to know that Lent is a time when we have an opportunity to “give something up” for approximately 6 weeks (or make an improvement as my daughter just pointed out!) until either Good Friday or Easter Sunday (depending on your willpower!). For my part, I don’t think I’ve ever successfully given anything up for Lent thus far but this year I am going to give it a good shot- so much so that I am making my declaraton here in black and white to the world (or at least anyone who happens upon my blog!). Also, seeing as my idea for a January detox barely got off the ground this will be my opportunity to redeem myself.

The seed for the idea of “doing something” for Lent began a while back as my partner’s Dad has been using Lent as his annual 6 week detox for as long as I have known him, which is well over a decade. During the Lenten period he abstains from alcohol, chocolate and sweets and if you knew him you’d know how much he loves the aforementioned goodies and that Lent is thus a genuine challenge for him. My other half then started to follow in his Dad’s footsteps giving up alcohol and sweets, etc. and this year I am joining them. I should also add that my daughter gave up sweets and chocolates too for Lent last year and managed the whole time- not without a little complaining mind you – but still, an impressive degree of self-control for an 8 year old (as she was then). So this Lent I am going all out – I’m giving up alcohol, dairy (trying again!), chocolate, sweets, processed foods, etc. and basically trying to follow a more “wholesome” diet. Oh and I am also giving up Facebook – a strange choice you might think but I feel I waste too much time fiddling on Facebook – time that could be put to better use elsewhere. So we’ll see! I have made a long list of what I’m hoping to achieve from this- including waking up feeling more refreshed, perhaps losing a few pounds, having more energy, etc. I don’t know if miracles can happen in just 6 weeks but I know my body will be grateful for a little break from the abovementioned variety of toxins and it will be an interesting experiment of sorts.

Maybe some of you will join me? It’s good once in a while to put our self-discipline and self-control to the test. It’s amazing sometimes just how difficult it can seem to control “ourselves” – it feels almost like there’s no “reason” sometimes not indulge in this that or the other- simply knowing that something is not good for you is often not enough of a motivation not to have it – if that makes sense. January has been far too indulgent a month for me, so I’m really going to try hard to stick to my Lenten promise. Good luck with yours if you choose to go down the same path :-)

Even if you don’t decide to make any changes for Lent, then just go ahead and enjoy those pancakes anyway!!

7 thoughts on “What’s your vice?

    1. Good to set one’s sights high ;-) Some things easier than others though!!! The priest at my daughter’s school is advocating the ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try try again’ approach which is good to know :-) xx Hope ur well xxxx

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