Summer round-up

My children enjoying the waterThings have gone a little quiet here on Greenermums over the last couple of months and I can tell you (as I’m sure any mums or dads among you will know) this is 100% down to being totally and utterly distracted by running around after the children. July heralds the start of the chaos with countless school commitments, parents evenings, school trips, sports days, summer fayres and then there’s the extra-curricular commitments: dance shows, drama shows, swimming galas, judo competitions. I’m not complaining mind, as this is the opportunity for us parents to see what our children have been getting up to all term when we’re not around ;-) and an opportunity for our children to show us what they can do! So while it’s hectic, it’s all fun too.

And then the 6 week summer break begins which can go either way really, it’s an opportunity for some quality family time for some and a time of stress and “what-on-earth-am-I-going-to-do-with-the-kids-for-that-long” type panic for others. I’m lucky enough to work freelance so I have been able to schedule work around the children, although having said that August is never a bumper month for me workwise as there are only so many hours of work one can squeeze into the evenings!! Still, I allow for this quieter period of work and just go with it. I have enjoyed not having to rush around too much in the mornings and having the odd lay-in. I have taken my children to various sporting activity days and my daughter has been studying for her 11+ exam which takes place in September so it’s not all been laying around, in fact, far from it, but the difference is that we have chosen what to do and not been constrained by school rules and schedules, so that makes all the difference.

We  were also lucky enough to get away to our beloved Lanzarote where we have been for four summers in a row now (see my Sun, sea, sand and yoga post from last year ) and that was a great opportunity to get away from it all.

Sunset on Famara I realised at one point that I wasn’t thinking about any of the stresses from back home but instead predominantly focusing on our plans for each day and that’s what a holiday is all about, getting away from it all! We took it easy, enjoyed each other’s company, enjoyed the sun, the sea and the mountains and especially enjoyed the slower pace. Plus now the kids are a little older (5 and 10) there is much more opportunity for relaxation and “me” time- the occasional “crowd control” type sibling intervention is needed but that’s about it! I also spent quite a bit of time preparing for my yoga teacher training course which picks up again in September so I had my head in the books for a good part of the holiday too. So, all in all, a good summer.

Only one week to go now until the children go back to school which I’m dreading on the one hand as I have really enjoyed hanging out with them over the summer but at the same time life has to go on again, money has to be earned, the children have to carry on with their learning and the house has to eventually return to a half-decent state!!

I hope you have all enjoyed the summer (or winter to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere)! Fingers crossed the good weather continues and we get a lovely Indian summer too….


Sunday market at Teguise

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