Small Changes, Big Difference for Organic September

Organic September

This month the Soil Association has launched a campaign to promote the benefits of switching to organic products, whether that’s food, cosmetic products or clothing, it is trying to show how each person or family making one small change will make a big difference.

Their website states: “From more bees and hedgerows to ensuring shorter and traceable food chains, by choosing organic we can all support a kinder, greener and better climate. Organic farms support 50% more wildlife, with 30% more species – that’s more birds, bees, butterflies, beetles, bats and wildflowers. A small change can make a surprisingly large difference – the average family eats enough bread in a year that if just 12 families make the small change to swap their bread to organic, an area of organic land a quarter of the size of the Wembley Stadium football pitch would be a haven for wildlife.”

The benefits to “going organic” are far-reaching, not only does it benefit nature and the environment but it also has considerable benefits for us and our health and bodies. I have explored this in a couple of previous posts, namely the benefits of buying organic meat in my post Organic meat: what’s the beef? and the benefits of organic toiletries in my post Sun safety: the greener way.

The key element to take from this campaign is knowing that small changes are enough to begin with and better than none. I personally buy organic fruit and vegetables wherever possible and particularly when I can find good deals (sometimes, in fact, organic fruit and veg can work out cheaper!!). This way I feel like I’m doing my bit for both my family and the environment but without breaking the bank. So, for example, once my son has chomped his way through the first 2 bags of organic apples I will then buy normal apples until the next week’s food shop – so we have a balance. I do, however, buy predominantly organic toiletries and laundry and household products (see my post on Greener Cleaning: the “whys” and the “how-tos”) as I don’t find these to be too much more expensive and love the products themselves, favouring Faith in Nature for personal toiletries and Ecover for household products.

I hope this information provides a little food for thought and perhaps inspires some of you to make a small “organic” change this September – you’ll be surprised at how good it will make you feel! :-)

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