How time flies! [quick round up]

I have been so distracted in recent months with starting up my yoga business and my continuing studies that I have been neglecting this blog. I’m always thinking of ideas of what to write in my head but never quite getting round to actually writing them down!

My “green” values are such an integral part of family life now and so ingrained in the way we live that I guess I kind of give it all less thought in a way as things happen so naturally. All the products we use – both household for cleaning, etc. and for personal use are eco-friendly and organic where possible, definite favourites being Ecover for household and Faith in Nature for personal toiletries. Foodwise I buy organic wherever possible and on a personal level I have been completely vegetarian for over two years now which I am extremely proud of. I had “wanted” to be vegetarian for so long but always would give in to the temptation of a bacon sarnie or such like but now I don’t give it a moment’s thought and so I cook mostly vegetarian at home- my daughter rarely eats meat but I have found with my 6 year old son that while he never complains about vegetarian meals he does enjoy his meat so I do try to cook him meat now and then. At the end of the day I ate meat for over 3 decades so it’s not about forcing my “now” values on my children but just creating an awareness for them of what we are eating and where it came from. As my daughter is incredibly flexible in her diet and will happily eat pulses and beans-a-plenty I know she will have an adequately balanced diet, however as my son is quite fussy when it comes to beans/pulses it is also important to make sure he has a balanced diet, so meat now and then is a compromise. I do hope though that he will adopt a vegetarian diet when he is older as the more I read about the processes behind the meat and dairy industry the more I know I am on the right path. I would love to cut out dairy too but this is proving tougher to drop than meat. I don’t drink milk and switched to soya milk when I went vegetarian and I happily buy soya yoghurt and soya ice-cream (both of which are totally yum!) but it’s the cheese and egg factor that I am finding more difficult to remove, but I am working on it. I am currently experimenting with eating a vegan diet 5 days of the week and vegetarian for the remaining 2 days. This way it gives me a chance to explore some vegan recipes and what one can eat and make the transition a little easier. As I am the main “cook” in the house it is important for me not to end up cooking separate dinners every night of the week so by approaching it this way I give myself time to understand the vegan diet a little more and work out how to incorporate it into our daily lives. What I have found in terms of making permanent changes in general is that it has to be a gradual process and one that you are TRULY committed to. Being half-hearted just doesn’t work. You have to believe that what you are doing or wanting to do is the right path otherwise it is doomed to failure – and I guess this applies to most things in life.

For now though life continues to be both busy and rewarding especially as this is the last stretch now of school summer term and then the 6-week summer break will soon be upon us! This is also my daughter’s last term at junior school as she leaves for “big school” which she will start in September so lots of changes approaching on the family front. In any case, I just wanted to touch base and keep things updated here. Hopefully I will try to post a bit more regularly moving forward. In the meantime, keep it green :-)

Go Green

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