The final push…and school’s out!!


Is it me or did the last three weeks of term D…R…A…G! For some reason, which is quite unlike me, I felt totally desperate for school to end. Even the kids were okay until this week but I’ve been feeling fidgety for the last three weeks. You know that feeling when you’re running on empty and just need everything to stop.

Well, finally today it has! School is finally out :-) In the last two weeks alone I’ve helped at two school parties at my son’s school, been to his nativity, my daughter’s carol concert then her carol service, I’ve been to my daughter’s end of term musical theatre show, my son’s school Christmas fayre, had to remember non-uniform day and related bringing in of things to school in exchange for going in non-uniform, had to collect my daughter late from school after her Christmas party while juggling this with getting my son to bed on time, watched my daughter in her end of term singing class, not to mention the usual pick ups/drop-offs at swimming lessons, gymnastics, dancing as well as teaching my yoga classes, doing my translations, buying and wrapping Christmas presents, writing and posting Christmas cards, oh and I squeezed in a weekend trip to Dublin with my sister to meet my new niece. So, actually, come to think of it I think this is why I was ready for school term to end!!


I feel better now.

We do like to keep ourselves busy though don’t we, us mums? We want the best for our children but this does come at a little sacrifice to our sanity at times. I have to say though that as busy as life gets, and as stretched as I feel at times, I do handle everything in a very calm manner these days. This is definitely what yoga and yoga teaching has brought to my life so I am forever grateful that this is the case. I can’t imagine what state I would be in otherwise.

These school breaks really are an opportunity for us as parents to just slow right down. I know for some people the holidays mean an added stress of juggling work/life, etc., however, as I am self-employed I am very lucky to be able to use the school breaks to take a break from the everyday juggling act and just focus on the children and the house and getting those little things done that usually get overlooked. I do work a little where opportunity arises but mostly I have created a rhythm whereby I can work around the school holidays mostly.

Attention will now turn to more “I choose to do them” rather than “I have to do them” type activities. Tonight we are heading to our local pantomime Peter Pan starring Craig Revel-Horwood (whom I adore!) and then as I have completed all Christmas shopping I will be focussing my attention on preparing for our first vegan Christmas. Not wanting to overdo the nut roast experimentation (two tested so far) I am trying to look for recipes that appear to be fail-safe otherwise come Christmas everyone will be fed up! Just a small Christmas this year as half my family are heading off to Ireland to be with my brother and his new baby so just the siblings and an easy-going Christmas buffet so the vegan dinner will just be for my own little family. Really looking forward to embracing a cruelty-free Christmas. My children have been doing their bit spreading awareness about vegetarianism among their friends (unprompted by me I should add!) so I know they are going to LOVE our first Christmas where we are all vegetarian. I couldn’t be more proud of them!!

Although I have not been too great this year at posting (slight distraction with starting up my yoga business as well as studying and completing my studies to be a Reiki practitioner) my green beliefs are intact and alive and I hope to post a little more regularly in 2015!

Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy the holidays!!






2 thoughts on “The final push…and school’s out!!

  1. Awww, love the picture! And can totally sympathize with end of term madness: everyone ‘s just been tired and grumpy! we’re all finally winding down and catching up on sleep. Phew ! Enjoy your vegan Xmas xx

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