A Very Merry Vegan Christmas


I appear to have spent the best part of Christmas Eve in the kitchen with my 12-year old daughter making a variety of vegan treats to take along to my sister’s tomorrow for Christmas and I have loved having the time to do this. Usually during term-time (weekdays in particular) cooking is a race against time – either due to the kids being hungry or needing to dash back out again for this club or that club, so it is a rare treat to indulgently spend time in the kitchen.

In terms of being vegan at Christmas, I find that for the most part people just don’t have a clue what you eat so sometimes it is easier to bring things along and I am more than happy to do this if it makes it easier for the person hosting and if it means I will be able to eat something! I will be cooking up a Vegan Nut Roast tomorrow and taking that along too but today I just took some time to make some treats.

We started off making some mince pies – actually following the recipe I posted here last Christmas – I just doubled all the amounts so I had a decent amount to bring along. If you are interested you can find it under my blog post Yummy Vegan Mince Pies.


Then we moved onto some Raw Brownies – the recipe was taken from my new book “Deliciously Ella” by Ella Woodward which I am completely in love with. All recipes in her book are based around whole foods and are plant-based and suit me to a tee plus these raw recipes are just so quick and easy to make and super yummy!

If you want to have a go the ingredients I used today and details of the recipe are as follows:


140g almonds

400g medjool dates

3 tablespoons raw cacao powder

2 tablespoons agave nectar


  1. Grind up the almonds in a food processor until a crumbly mixture is formed
  2. Add the dates, cacao & agave nectar then blend again
  3. Once the mixture is sticky transfer to a baking tray. I placed on a baking sheet and pressed down to make a rectangular shape
  4. Freeze the brownies for an hour to let them set, then remove and cut into small squares and store in the fridge.


These really are very tasty and on account of the raw cacao taste lovely and chocolately while remaining  healthy. Raw cacao is actually considered a superfood so you can eat these guilt free!

We then attempted some homemade vegan sausage rolls but I won’t include the recipe here as I think it needs tweaking. It was a lot of fun making them and my daughter likes them but I didn’t enjoy the taste compared with ones you can buy in the shops so I will have to experiment with these a little to find a better offering. I used a vegan sausage mix today for these but I will try again with a homemade mix and see if they taste better.

IMG_20151224_165504All in all an enjoyable few hours of making and baking and a fun way to have some mother-daughter quality time! Now what to have for dinner….

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