The Awakening

hands holding earth

After laying dormant for a couple of years (my blog not me!), I am now back!… and on a mission. My mission being to move towards a plastic-free (and eventually zero-waste) lifestyle. I have been noticing increasingly of late that I have been emptying out our small kitchen bin out to the outside bin on a more frequent basis – seeming to produce increasing amounts of packaging waste. Admittedly a LOT of it is recycled as our council is pretty good really – we have kerbside recycling for glass, tin cans, paper, cardboard and some types of plastics, even Tetrapak can now be recycled, HOWEVER, there is a large amount of waste that can NOT be recycled and this is what has been on my mind. So I have started researching what I can do to reduce the amount of plastic coming into the house and so I am back…

I have spent the last couple of days looking at all the “consumable” products in my house which relate predominantly to household cleaning, toiletries for personal use, food and drink. Of course there are many other plastic items, but these, in particular, seem to be the most “consumable” products and almost every single item seems to come in some form of plastic! From the more obvious plastic bottles for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toilet bleach, etc. to the rice, pasta, seeds, nuts, etc. that come in non-recyclable plastic packaging to the less obvious plastic shrink-wrap around the multipack of cat food tins, the plastic around the toilet rolls, the plastic windows in the pasta boxes, the plastic around the cardboard teabag boxes…it is complete MADNESS! The deeper you delve the more depressing it gets, not to mention with two women in our house the amount of waste produced – not being grim but realistic – from the sanitary towels used each month. Products that simply do not biodegrade and just sit in landfill.

So…I am going to be replacing all products on a layering on basis. I am not going to throw away what I already have because that would be wasteful in itself but I am going to be replacing items that have run out or reached the end of their useful lives with items that are not wrapped in plastic. I have already been researching suitable replacements – some easier than others and this will be my journey of discovery over the months to come.

I have started by ordering some solid shampoo bars from which are fairtrade, vegan and do not come wrapped in plastic – these will replace our Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner bottles of which we go through huge amounts. Even though we were able to recycle the bottles in our kerbside recycling, a switch to these solid shampoo bars (assuming they work!) would mean less plastic being brought into the house and less energy expenditure to convert the plastic upon recycling.

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So this is step one and step two has been switching back to ordering organic fruit and vegetable boxes from Riverford. I did try them for a few months but got a bit lazy with having to wash all the vegetables and remove the slugs! It’s no hardship really but life is so busy that adding in the extra time to scrub the potatoes and pick out critters just felt too much. However, I now see that the time spent making these changes will ultimately “give” us time in that we are helping to save the planet with every small change we make – it really does and will add up if we all do something.

2017-08-29 08.59.40

In the meantime I am plotting and planning as to how I can make these changes and what changes to make and I have set up a Facebook Page (Greenermums) and an instagram account (also Greenermums) in order to help me track my journey and share what I learn along the way.

It’s good to be back!


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